When My Husband Has the Sniffles…

man vs woman cold

When my husband has the sniffles
It’s a fate that worse than death
I tell him straight,
“You’re barely sick,
Not taking your last breath.”

When my husband gets a cold
He’s convinced that he is dying
He’s on the couch all snuggled up
Just whimpering and crying

He doesn’t have a fever
But he’s sure he has the flu
With a touch of bronchiolitis
And maybe strep throat, too

It’s just a cold, it’s no big deal
I have the same cold, too
But he’ll tell me in his weakened voice,
“I’m way more sick than you.”

“Not true,” I sneeze and blow my nose
Determined not to show it
My temperature is one oh two
But you would never know it

There’s absolutely no doubt
Which one of us is tougher
And truth be told, when he is sick,
It’s me who has to suffer

He wants me to take care of him
A cold cloth for his head
Some chicken soup, perhaps some toast
Fluffed pillows on his bed

I’m sorry babe
For even though
I love you like no other
You’re barking up the wrong tree here
Cuz I am not your mother

*DISCLAIMER: Although the above super-snazzy poem is based on actual events, it is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons is PURELY coincidental. Purely. 🙂

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