My Very Own Cousin Sharon

fucked up idea

I’m declaring today “Thank Your Cousin Sharon For Being Awesome” day. Go get a pen and jot it down in your calendar. Go on. I’ll wait…

My cousin Sharon is the best. She really is. She’s the kind of person that I would drive 2 hours through a blizzard uphill both ways to go have a cup of coffee with. And I seriously hate driving in the snow. But that’s how awesome she is. I would totally do it just so I could have a cup of broiling hot coffee with her. I would throw a pair of snowshoes in the back of my car just in case, on the way to her house, my car skidded in the snow and did a 180 and became undriveable. I would just be like “whatevs” as I strapped on my snow shoes and started walking the rest of the way (uphill, remember). And if a cop came over to see what my problem was (because I should be staying with my disabled vehicle, but instead I’m trekking down the highway in giant snow shoes) I would just tell him that I’m on my way to see my Cousin Sharon. And he would totally get it.

We all have a Cousin Sharon in our lives. Some people are lucky enough to have two Cousin Sharons. Some peeps even have a little group of Cousin Sharons that they hang with (lucky bastards.) No matter how many you have, Cousin Sharon just makes life a little better. She’s the friend who makes you laugh so hard that your head almost falls off. And it’s not even like she’s trying to be funny on purpose. She’s not telling jokes that have, like, a super funny punchline. She’s just naturally a freaking riot. She’s the friend who would totally drive the getaway car if you ever needed a getaway car for anything. She wouldn’t even ask questions. You could just call her and say, “next Friday at 8:00 pm I’m going to need someone to drive a getaway car,” and she’d be like, “I got your back sistah.” She’s the kind of friend who you can talk to about anything, and she just gets it. And you leave feeling like you’re normal (even if you’re not). And you don’t feel judged (because she would never judge you). Basically in a nutshell, having a Cousin Sharon for a friend feels like you won on a scratch ticket.

So I thought today would be a good day to thank our lucky stars for our own Cousin Sharons. And to let them know that their true friendships make our lives so much more fun than it would ever be without them.

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