Extremely Important Life Lessons

My brain is crammed with information. Crammed. Sure, most of the information is completely useless and totally irrelevant outside the confines of my own mind. But still, sometimes it’s good to have access to a huge mass of utterly useless knowledge. I like to think of all this data as not just completely idiotic stuff that I have learned since having kids, but more like extremely important life lessons that my most brilliant children have bestowed upon me. For example:


1. It’s really sad when someone puts your blankie in the washing machine. Even if your blankie smelled like canned peas and could practically walk around the house by itself.

crying Jess


2. Your 11-year-old son may not be interested in this book, but his 5 year old sister will carry it around like it is the Holy Grail.



3. Giving a three-year-old a chocolate bar in the car is not a good idea. I repeat, it is NOT a good idea.

chocolate hands


4. Face paint isn’t just for faces. (Seriously, do know how hard it is to get face paint out of all the nooks and crannies of the human body?)

cooper facepaint


5. It’s fun to put a sticker on your cheek. It is NOT fun to take a sticker OFF your cheek.

jess sticker on cheek   jess sticker off cheek


6. Burying yourself up to your neck in the sand, while your peers stand around you with shovels, probably only SEEMS like a good idea.

Joey in the sand


7. When one son has another son in a sleeper choke hold it is a good time to take a picture.



8. If you can’t find a plate, you can always eat corn out of your hat.

corn in hat


9. Painter’s Tape + Boys = THIS  (Don’t feel bad for the taped child…it was his idea.)

taped up Joey


10. These two should never be allowed to dress themselves. Seriously. Like, EVER.

jessie outfit2    jess and cass clothes    football game outfit  first day of school cass  cassies clothes  Jess christening bib


11. Applying pink lipstick just outside your natural lip line (and on your nose, eye, and chin) will make your lips look fuller…



12. …if you don’t have pink lipstick handy, purple magic marker is perfectly acceptable.



And last but not least…

13. It’s very important to label your candles so you know what they smell like.

shit candle


So there you have it. Now my useless info is your useless info. You’re quite welcome!

2 thoughts on “Extremely Important Life Lessons

  1. literally laughing my ass off!! The girls’ outfits and make up made my day!! Mine has a love affair with blue eye shadow😳😛. Thanks again for the reassurance that I am not alone in the crazy!!

    Liked by 1 person

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