Mini-Golfing with the Butters is NOT Fun

In another glaring example of “I saw this going differently in my head”…I give you mini-golf.

In a nutshell: I envisioned a glorious day (it was! 74 breezy degrees), 5 cooperative children (they weren’t), my awesome nephew (he was), following all the rules (they didn’t), smiles (there were…but sort of evil smiles that scared me), good attitudes (there weren’t), no complaining that they hate mini-golf (there was), keeping the golf-ball on the “green” (they didn’t), no demands for food and drink (there was), basically a nice, relaxed, leisurely game of mini-golf with the family (it so was not), with no crying (of course there was).

I would now like to present you with photographic evidence of the shit show…

at the beginning_Fotor  In the beginning it all seemed so promising..although if you look closely you’ll see that Joey remained stone-faced while I tried to get a good shot of everyone. And Cooper tried to keep his eyes closed the whole time. Just to annoy me. It is important to note that the tall handsome fella in the picture is my nephew. The five vertically challenged children are mine.

ball in the water_Fotor  Right off the bat someone “accidentally” hit their ball into the water.

touching ceiling_Fotor  I’m pretty sure there was probably a sign somewhere on the property that said not to stand on the fake rocks and touch the ceiling.

jessie falling_Fotor  Pretending to fall through the fence into the water below. Wicked funny stuff.

harry laying down_Fotor  By hole 6 one of them was laying down from pure exhaustion.

cooper crawling under_Fotor_Fotor  This is most likely frowned upon by the management. And everyone waiting in line behind us.

cassie thigh high_Fotor  Thigh-highs to play mini-golf? You bet your ass.

jess pouting_Fotor  Then there was pouting…

jess yelling_Fotor  …and screaming…

jess crying_Fotor  …and, eventually, crying.

humpty dumpty_Fotor  Humpty-dumpty?

shooting pool joey_Fotor  As if the people in line behind us didn’t already hate us… we decided to dazzle them with our ability to use the golf club as a pool stick and shoot the ball in the hole that way.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures of me yelling at them the whole time. Super fun times on our week-long vacation down the Cape. Super fun.

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