Critical Analysis of a Photograph

Critical Analysis of a Photograph

jess bug.jpg

A simple portrait of a girl enjoying some outside summer water play.

Look how delightful she is.

If you look closely at her eyes you can see just the slightest hint of, “Mom, quit taking my picture and let me play already.” The fake smile confirms to the viewer that she has, indeed, had enough of the camera.

What you don’t see on her face is the horrified fear that she WOULD be showing if she knew that there was a bug hovering over her head. Not just an ordinary bug, but a dragonfly. And not just any dragonfly, but a dragonfly with a moth in its mouth. That’s right, the worst kind of bug…the kind that makes no bones about the fact that he is such a badass that he will eat another bug right out in the open with no shame at all.

The portrait evokes a sense of hysteria in the viewer. Do we laugh? Do we scream? There is a bug that is about to land on her HEAD! It’s madness.

The viewer is left helpless. They can do nothing to stop it.

This portrait is titled: Just Before the Freakout

Let’s look at some closeups…




The photograph is a nightmare captured on film.

The photographer is clearly brilliant and extremely talented and should probably quit her day job and tour the world taking equisitely breathtaking pictures. The photographer has missed her calling.

Oh, and here is the next pic taken.

This one is simply titled: WTF is on my Head?!



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