That Was a Fast Summer!


You see that? See how fast that is happening? That was summer 2016.

Here, let’s zoom out a little so you can really get an idea of how fast it flew by…


All those antelope are like regular months. The cheetah is like summer leaving all the other months in the dust. Fast, right? Makes me all like:


It feels crazy that it DID seem to go by that fast because there were SO many days that felt like this:


And I was all…

impatient judge judy

Our summer break started out fab, with tons of this going on:


And even the car rides to the beach weren’t so bad at first:

fun ride tothe beach.gif

But then very shortly this:

in car

and this:


and I was like:


Then, before 4th of July even rolled around

I'M Bored Entertain Me.jpeg

So I tried.

But no matter what I did there was still so much of this:

bored 1.gif

So I signed them up for camp for a week and they were like:

you cant be serious.gif

And I was like, oh hell yes I’m serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

As the summer wore on there was more of this:


and this:


And so much of this:

look what I can do.gif

That I was like:


But I guess it is pretty hard.

And no matter how many times I did this:


The house always looked like this:


Until, finally, I was like this:

don't give a fuck.gif

And just as I was about to descend into a messy combination of this:

large glass of wine.gif

and this:

i can't take it.gif

we got the email with the teacher assignments and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I remained super psyched until I saw the list of school supplies that I needed to purchase, and then I was all:


But, since it is what it is, we all loaded into the car and went to the store to buy notebooks, pens, and highlighters…until finally:

bank account has zero

Which should have made me feel like this:crying

But since it meant that we were one step closer to the kids going back to school I felt more like this:


And even though summer 2016 went by in the blink of an eye, I’m pretty sure there was more than one person walking their kids to the bus stop on the first day of school like this:

walking to bus stop.gif

and I KNOW a few of you were celebrating afterwards like this:


Bring on the new school year!!

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