Homework stations, healthy snacks…and other lies I believed in August.

I figured that it would be at least March before I was giving my kids croutons for their school snack.

I figured that for at least the first half of the school year I would be on my game with backpacks packed the night before.

I figured that the sock basket would be overflowing with matching socks for them to just grab and go each morning.

I figured all this based on August.

The wonderful month of August, with all its fairy dust and unicorns prancing about.

Ah, August.

In August I saw the school year ahead through the lens of tanned skin and late nights on my front porch drinking wine. The craziness of summer was almost behind me and I was ready for the new school year ahead. I was heavily armed with Pinterest, a little hope, and a lot of wine. It was all I needed.

Because with Pinterest, hope and wine, I was going to organize the hell out of the coming school year.

Starting with a homework station, that, based on my Pinterest research, I was pretty sure was going to look something like this:


Never mind that we don’t have a space that looks even remotely like that at my house.

I was going to pack school lunches that looked like this:


And snacks that looked like this:



Clothes for the week were going to be organized as such:


And I was going to turn all the clocks in the house into this:


My after-school snack drawer was going to look something like this:


Dinner each night would be like this:


And would be served on a table that looked eerily similar to this:


At which my wonderfully polite children would sit without fidgeting…or throwing food at each other.

I may or may not have been serving dinner wearing a frock similar to this:


And a smile similar to this:


While exclaiming something like this:


Everyone would go to sleep early, and fall asleep fast because:


THAT is how I envisioned this school year going.

Now it is December 1st. This morning I ran around the house like a mad woman, whipping mis-matched socks at people as I screamed for them to get out of bed. In the kitchen I launched a handful of croutons into a baggie, followed by a high-fructose iced tea into my daughter’s backpack for her healthy school snack.

Our homework “station” looks like this:


And our snack drawer looks like this:


No one does yoga before bed. Because, seriously?

I was full of high hopes in August.

High hopes and wine.

From the looks of things, a LOT of wine.

Now I am filled with no hope that this school year will be organized and calm. None at all. What I DO have hope for, however, is this coming summer. I have gathered so many good ideas via Pinterest and wine. So. Many. Ideas. I can just tell that this summer is going to be epic. Starting with the last day of school when I present all the kids with something along the lines of this:


“Welcome to Summer” buckets! How fun is that?! And that is just the start! I’ve already Pinterested a gazillion awesome ideas, including possibly building a treehouse out back. POSSIBLY. It is still in the planning phases. I can’t wait…

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