This is Why We Aren’t Making Slime at My House Anymore

We had a snow day on Monday, so the kids and I decided to make slime. And we were all like:

Yea, baby!

We could only find the yellow food coloring, but we didn’t care because most of us felt strongly that slime is fun no matter what color it is. So we were all:

Yellow slime, baby!

Then we found a whole jar of purple glitter and we were all definitely like:

“Hooray for glitter!” (Because, secretly, we all felt that it was a bummer to be stuck with plain old boring yellow slime.)

So we made our slime. And it was awesome.

It looked like this:



And was slimy and oozey like this:



And it was all sparkly and yellow like this:



And everything was fine, until the next morning when I woke up and I was bopping around the house picking up all the random crap that was left scattered about from the night before, and I saw this:


One of the bowls of glittery, yellow-y, sparkly slime.

Upside down.

On the rug.

And when I picked up the bowl, it all sort of sploshed out like this:



So I tried to pick it up like this:



And then like this:



And I even scraped at it like this:



But it was so sticky and slimy and stuck to the rug like this (look at the all glitter embedded in the rug! Help!):



And then I noticed that the yellow food coloring had dyed the rug like this.


So I cleaned it up the best I could.

But my rug will never be the same.

And that is the story of  why we’re not making slime at my house anymore.

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