My husband and I have five kids. Five. That shocks some people. I get a lot of “Are they all yours?!” and “Oh God bless you!” when we all go out. I even had one person fake-bow down to me in a bar (but they weren’t exactly in their right mind, so it doesn’t really count.) Sometimes when we all go out somewhere together and all five kids are actually behaving at the same time, I think that I may, perhaps, secretly be supermom. But then they all start going wild and trying to beat the crap out of the each other and I’m like “forget it.” So that’s me in a nutshell. It’s what I’m all about. Five crazy kids who crack me up way more than they should.

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  1. I have just read all your posts and i gotta tell you……i love you! I laughed and laughed, tears pouring down my face! My hubby got up from bed to come make sure i wasnt having a stroke or something! I raised three kids and we are now raising our 8 year old grandaughter. So much of what you talk about is so real…….its like you were in my head! I hope you keep doing this blog for a long time. You are great!

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