Why I Think We Should All Wear the Trophy T-Shirt


Target (my all time fave store) is taking some heat over a t-shirt they are selling for women with the word “Trophy” emblazoned across the front of it. Some people are up in arms about it. They think that it is demeaning to women. They think it’s sexist. They think Target should stop selling it.

I think they should lighten the hell up.


Yes, I get it…we don’t want to objectify women. Women are people, not things. Women are not something you own, not something you have. Okay. Okay. OKAY!

But you should know that I’m buying that t-shirt and I’m wearing it with pride. And here’s why:

I’ve had 5 kids, and a body that proves it. My kids swear, my house is a mess, and I hate to cook. If it weren’t for the wonder of electrolysis I’d be sporting a full mustache, and if it weren’t for the wonder of wax I’d have a unibrow that even Bert would be envious of. I can’t keep my checkbook straight, haven’t made the kids start their summer reading yet, and wouldn’t know a designer bag from a knock-off if my life depended on it. Oh, and I’m late for everything.

And, yet, somehow, I still think I am the bee’s knees. If you tried to convince me that I wasn’t completely awesome you would be wasting your time.

In my own mind (which is the only place that really matters anyways) I am the pick of the litter.

So let’s just change our paradigm on this whole “Trophy” t-shirt a little bit.

Let’s look at it this way: Yes, trophies are prizes…but just because you’re a prize doesn’t mean you are someone ELSE’S prize. You can be your own prize. You should be your own prize.

You should wake up grateful every day and think, “I’m pretty damn amazing.” And not just in a comparison of what someone else thinks is amazing. But amazing, just because you are. You should be able to grab your muffin top and give it a little jiggle, check out the dimples on your rear-end, frown at your gray roots, wonder at the cruelty of adult on-set acne, and STILL know in your heart that you are amazing.

Like you are a damn trophy.

Because let’s not forget: trophies are awesome. You know they are.

Trophies are the best of the best. Just like us women.

Women are incredible, and fun, and smart. We are beautiful, and hard-working, and strong. Women are moms, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, and daughters. We are teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, police officers, truck drivers, stay-at-home-moms, business owners, and more. Women are in the armed forces and fight for our freedom. That’s right. We’re so bad ass that some of us deploy over seas to places that I’m afraid to even Google, and then fight the bad guys so that the rest of us can be free and safe. THAT is amazing. Women are extraordinary.

So should a woman feel like she is SOMEONE’S trophy? Of course not. But should she feel like she is a prize? Hell yea!

And, c’mon, what’s really wrong with feeling like you are “all that and a bag of chips.”

From one cat’s ass to another: I say wear that “Trophy” t-shirt with pride.