Graphic Organizers in Real Life

I don’t usually talk politics. And I’m not about to start now. Except to say, “wow”. That’s it. Just “wow”.

What I really want to talk about is how I have finally found a use for the Venn Diagram in my every day life. I never thought I would need that snazzy little graphic organizer after middle school. But I’m delighted to say that it has finally come in handy.

A few weeks ago it was a beautiful day, so my girls and I went for a nice hike in the town forest. A nice short hike. Really more of a stroll. When we emerged from the woods I quickly realized that my (somewhat dramatic) 6-year-old daughter had clearly had a completely different experience than me. Or her sister. Or anyone really for that matter. Were we even ON the same walk? That is when I knew that a Venn Diagram was in order.

Venn Diagram2

You can clearly see that the only thing these two experiences have in common is that we both went for a walk in the woods. My walk was fun and leisurely, and really quite fab. Her walk was all chaotic and somewhat torturous filled with attacking dogs and extreme thirst.

This all got me to thinking… perhaps there were other graphic organizers from my middle school days that would come in handy now that I’m sort of an adult.


Cause and effect. Yup.

chain of events

Chain of events. Every single time.

This is fun! More! More!

KWL chart

I could really use a KWL chart throughout my day, as I have SO many questions that I would like to learn the answers to.

Last graphic organizer. Here we go…Character Map

Character Map

If only I knew how entirely fabulous graphic organizers where I would have paid WAY more attention in English class. Graphic organizers would have been my jam (that will only be funny to you if you watch The Bachelor. If you don’t watch The Bachelor then just try to forget I even said it.)